On Being an Upstreamist…Huh?

Upstreamist. I learned that new word just today. I was surprised and disappointed that I was not already using it.

It’s not one of the many words I learn at Kwik Trip while pumping gas, or in my email from Merriam-Webster. I came upon it while I was reflecting on what successes we could claim as we approach the end of the year and was looking for a succinct way to express the “unheralded accomplishments” of Direct Primary Care. Those who now look to Viaro to meet your healthcare needs, you and we are witness to the healthcare phenomenon of healthcare finally attempting to look upstream, and it’s about time.

You can find “upstreamism” in the works of Rishi Manshanda, a doctor who believes we can tackle health problems, and healthcare problems by looking beyond the clinic and into the lives of those being served. Spoiler alert, the link is a 2014 18-minute Ted Talk. It’s not too old or too late to watch and listen. For you, we want to be the best at equipping our healthcare providers to not only prescribe a clinical remedy but to tackle sickness at its source. That’s the meaning of going upstream; addressing all the social and physical factors that lead to illness and injury and designing accessible healthcare solutions to improve care at lower costs. If you watch the Ted talk, we are going to be the ones who swim upstream to find out who’s pushing those kids in the water. It’s at the 5:52 mark if you are curious about the kids and can’t watch the whole thing.

To keep to the point, and in the spirit of Dr. Manshanda, “get ready, get set, go upstream.” It’s a process that starts with an assessment of your needs, and how capable Viaro is at meeting both your physical needs and your health-related social needs. Our commitment to you in 2024 is to grow and fine-tune the model we have developed, including quality improvement measures, and to sincerely address health upstream. We will consider not only the health problems that may concern you and those precious to you, but the root cause of the problems, including disparity in the healthcare system. You can truly “Expect Better” from Viaro. We won’t miss an opportunity to share the results of our efforts with you—that being affordable quality care that will improve outcomes for everyone.

As we look forward to 2024, we at Viaro celebrate with gratitude the opportunity you have given us to be part of your lives through healthcare. The year ahead does bring challenges, but we will never put our heads in the sand or stop looking for ways to go upstream. Stay tuned, bring us your questions. We are here for you.

Teresa Pulvermacher, RN, MSN, FNP-C

President, ViaroHealth

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