The Benefits of Yoga

Have you ever thought about doing yoga but have doubts about starting? In this blog, I will explain why yoga is fantastic for you and everyone. It might be a little daunting at first due to uncertainty, but once you start, there are so many ways that yoga can help you.

First, you may think, “Where do I start?” and “How do I start?”. The easiest way to start is to look up a YouTube video if you just want to do it at home. You can pick the amount of time you would like to go for. This is just one of the nice things about yoga because some people are too busy to do an hour-long yoga video, but they have videos that are five minutes that still feel amazing and help your body. You can do this at home and stop by a local TJ Maxx store to pick up a yoga mat. They are usually less than $20 if you just want one to start. Another super easy way to start is to stop into RCW and join in on one of the yoga classes that we have our certified yoga instructors teach.

Now that you know a little about how and where to start, I will let you know why yoga is worth it. To start, yoga helps with strength, balance, and flexibility. Yoga is known for its focus on breathing, which helps increase blood flow and warm your muscles. The different types of movements that go along with yoga help strengthen your muscles when holding poses and your balance when trying to stay in those poses.

The following reason why yoga is beneficial to you is that it helps with back pain, heart health, and arthritis symptoms. Doing certain poses like downward dog, cat and cow pose, and child’s pose can help release tension and pain in your lower back. The biggest thing to remember is to breathe while doing yoga. It helps slow things down and targets the areas you’re working out. Yoga also helps reduce stress. This results in a healthier heart since the stress isn’t being put on your heart.

Another thing yoga helps with is improving the quality of your sleep. Getting into a good yoga routine before bed can calm your body from the previous day and train your mind into sleep mode. It will help you fall asleep and, better yet, stay asleep.

The next benefit is something I already touched on a little bit, stress. Yoga helps immensely with helping decrease stress, help with mental health, and mindfulness. When doing yoga, it is a very meditative and relaxing process that helps with calming down someone who is stressed out and/or anxious. As I mentioned above, this lowers blood pressure, which helps make you feel more relaxed and calmer, especially after long, stressful days.

I believe yoga is one of the greatest ways to move and help your body. It’s incredible to think that doing just 5-10 minutes of yoga a day can help you reduce stress, help improve your heart health and help reduce the aches and pains of your muscles and bones. Start with five minutes a day and see how great you feel after the first time!


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