Avoiding the Resolution Rollercoaster

It’s that time of year; the holidays are over, and you realize you’ve gained a few pounds. You make a resolution to get back in shape as you dream about warmer weather and wearing shorts—so you join ViaroFit and plan to go six days a week. Does this sound familiar?

Weeks one and two are great! The gym is packed with like-minded people, and everyone is eager to propel themselves on a fitness journey.  Quickly, the over-zealous daily workouts turn into every other day, and then twice a week, and soon you find yourself skipping the gym and opting for a night on the couch. 

A Familiar Story.  We’ve all been down this road, or up and down on a fitness rollercoaster.  The good news is that this doesn’t have to be your story this year.  ViaroFit is here to help with small steps to keep you off the rollercoaster, and on a road to success:

  • Try more movement in your day. If you sit at a desk for work, or aren’t getting enough movement in your day, your first goal could be getting 5,000 steps more per day than you do now. If you can’t do that every day, aim for four days a week.
  • Sign up for one ViaroFit fitness class. These will introduce you to new movements and equipment. You might find something you really enjoy and want to continue outside of class.
  • Try strength training. Muscle mass and bone density naturally decrease with age.  Adding strength training into your routine reduces the risk of injury, disease, and many other conditions.
  • Make simple food swaps for more nutritious meals. Add lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables whenever possible.  A simple swap is substituting whole grain bread for white bread or using olive oil rather than vegetable oil or butter. 
  • Drink water. Try to get at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day. The benefits are vast, from helping to cushion your joints, to regulating body temperature and aiding in digestion, so drink up!

Everyone starts a journey at the beginning. Break down a large goal into something realistic and attainable.  Small “wins” keep you motivated on your journey. If the gym and equipment make you uncomfortable, ask any staff member for a tour and instruction. Speak up if you ever need assistance.  You can even sign up for a consultation with a personal trainer and a nutrition coach at ViaroFit. They will work alongside you to make a plan that fits your lifestyle and give you the added accountability—a bonus that will help keep you on track! 


Ashley Wenger

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, ViaroFit

For questions or comments, please contact wellness@viarohealth.com.

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