Mental Spring Cleaning – Decluttering your Mind

Clutter is not always the physical stuff in your environment… 

An occasional self-check to declutter your mind is just as important and is a healthy tool you can use to check your mental wellbeing. As humans, we sometimes like to declutter our space, but it is just as desirable to declutter your mind.  

Here are some examples of a mind that may be cluttered: 

  • Ruminating, or going over and over something in your mind  
  • Focusing on things that are negative 
  • Worrying about things outside of your control 
  • Holding on to negative emotions and experiences of resentment, past hurt, anger, and sadness 
  • Constantly keeping a mental “to-do list” of incomplete goals and dreams  
  • Having too many external distractions and constant sensory input 

The mental spring-cleaning checklist will help with your mind spring cleaning. There are things on this list that do involve decluttering your physical space, but sometimes decluttering your physical space makes decluttering your mind easier. Often, there is more work to be done.  

Start your spring clean and try to declutter with these 10 tips: 

  1. Get some extra restful sleep; it helps with that annoying brain fog 
  2. Learn meditation to clear any confusion on your priorities; you will get better at focusing and reducing distractions; keep a journal of things that worry you and it may help you finally release them 
  3. Challenge negativity and become aware of how you talk to yourself 
  4. Consider the things you are grateful for and make gratitude a priority; check off your blessings and drop a bad habit 
  5. Build positive relationships with those you love but with whom you have challenging or unhealthy relationships; let go of past drama 
  6. Explore a new hobby 
  7. Declutter your environment; when your environment is cluttered, the chaos competes for your attention, and it is harder to focus and process information 
  8. Restore, refresh, and invigorate your mental energy with nature; it is proven to decrease anxiety and help lift depression 
  9. Limit your social media exposure; if your mind is triggered and cluttered by thoughts and feeling from too much screen time, it is time to take a break 
  10. Get some regular exercise; just adding 10 minutes a day helps sharpen your concentration, and is guaranteed to improve your health 


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