How to Remain Injury Free

It has become human nature to wait until an injury occurs before we make changes to allow it to heal.

We lose a little piece of our happy lifestyle when we get injured. Injuries may take away the simple pleasures, whether it’s working out, playing with your kids, or simply picking a box off the ground. What if we started to make changes to reduce that risk of injury, allowing the little joys in life to stay? Here’s some good news, there is multiple ways to help avoid that undesirable injury.

  1. Perform a proper warm-up – Before doing any physical activity, warm up the muscles to avoid that strain.
  2. Recover – Take adequate time to allow your body to heal.
  3. Strengthen muscles – When a certain muscle group is weak, our bodies tend to compensate, increasing the risk of injury.
  4. STRETCH- make sure to increase your flexibility to allow your muscles to withstand everyday activities.
  5. Practice good form- when lifting or exercising, be sure to use proper technique to stop those “tweaks” that occur so often.
  6. Eat healthy- A good diet with proper hydration will allow the body to heal properly.
  7. Do not “push” through pain – Pain is often a red flag telling your body something is wrong. Pushing through pain will cause an injury to worsen making it a long time to recover.


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