Five Must Haves for Summer Hiking

The rain is stopping, and it is time to pull out those trail maps and get back outside to hike. Whether you are new to hiking or a seasoned veteran to the trails, a list of must haves is important as you start your trek no matter how short or far you plan to hike.  

  1. Stay Aware: whether you have a physical map or take a photo of the map with your phone. It is always smart to have the trail map handy in case you miss a sign somewhere along the way. Cell service can be tricky in certain areas to try and look up a map once you have already set foot on the trail.  
  2. Stay Cool: Try and choose light colors in the hotter months, the darker colors seem to absorb the sunlight making you warmer. Loose, lightweight, and breathable material is best and is more helpful in regulating your body temperature.  
  3. Stay Hydrated: Being hydrated before a hike is important as well as during. Bringing a waterpak or a water bottle so you can hydrate during your hike. A Waterpak can be more beneficial because you do not have the hassle of searching for a water bottle.  
  4. Stay Supported: make sure you are hiking in supportive shoes that can help you tread uneven surfaces. In addition to the right shoes, choosing a pair of socks that are wool or synthetic is best. Ensure they fit well so there is no extra fabric creating wrinkles and causing blisters.  
  5. Stay Safe: have a first aid kit with you, though it may feel unlikely something will happen, it is always good to be prepared. Another way to stay safe is bringing a headlamp or some sort of light just in case you end up hiking in the dark.  

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