Cracking the Code: Men’s Health Week Tips From a Chiropractor

As part of this week’s Men’s Health Week observances, ViaroHealth is pleased to bring you the insights of Dr. Patrick Isaacs, ViaroTherapeutic’s chiropractor. Dr. Isaacs will share his practical tips on how men can maintain optimal health and lead fulfilling lives by prioritizing their wellbeing.


This week we’re talking about men’s health. And I wanted to bring up some concepts. I’ve been working with men for some time, being a man, and I have noticed that were quick to take care of our cars and were quick to take care of our gardens, things like that. We we spend regular maintenance, we check for weeds in the garden we plant. We know we can’t leave it alone too long without weeds growing or problems growing that we didn’t want. And with our cars, we’re on top of our oil changes. We’re switching our parts all the time, but we tend to neglect the body, especially the back. Usually it can be a man’s response to say, I’m good, you know, rub some oil on it, put some dirt on it.

We can be the last person that we take care of, you know, as we take care of others. And some men live on pain medications and never go. They never go after the cause of what might be going on. Like I’ve met a lot of patients that say, oh, I always have back pain. Like like they just it’s a part of their life. They live with it. There seems to be a light bulb that can go on sometimes where they get adjusted or when they get a massage. Their health goes way up and they’re like, they they didn’t know they can live that pain free.

I wanted to highlight a couple of things that chiropractic can help.

Often men have grueling jobs. A lot of blue collar jobs are high physical stress, everything from UPS to working at a plant construction that can cause a lot of low back pain and or mid-pack stiffness.

Adjustments can increase range of motion, lower pain and increase, you know, enjoying your life. So some jobs are so hard on the body like that. They can’t do the job without chiropractic. Also, men, sports going all the way down to like going all the way back to high school. Baseball, tennis, golf are all swinging sports and you start to develop a strong side, like a tight side and a weak side, and that can lead to twists.

I think those are some of the things that men deal with most as physical, the physical stress of life and how it affects the back. Maybe it’ll cause even like a tweak that’s just been there. There’s a lot of benefit to getting adjust to getting some of those tweaks untwist it so that you can feel normal and balanced again.

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