Battling Wisconsin Winters and Motivation

Cold and gloomy weather got you down? We get it.

The end of winter (especially in Wisconsin) is a long stretch and a time where motivation may seem to lack. There are some days where rest may take precedence over pushing through a workout and there is nothing wrong with that. However, when you are going through a continual cycle of lack of motivation, it is important to get that motivation back to hit those fitness goals and keep your body moving. Whether you are sore from shoveling, lacking vitamin D, too cold to move or just tired of winter, let’s find a way to get you back on your fitness routine!

Here are some ideas that have helped others and hopefully will help you:

Find A Buddy

Find a friend, spouse, family member or work buddy to hold you accountable. Even if you’re not a fan of working out with someone side by side, someone who knows when you say you’re going to work out is extremely beneficial to keep you on track.

Trainer or Class

Find a class you love going to or a trainer to keep you motivated. The instructor or trainer will be your accountability partner to check in with you and coming to the gym. In addition, you don’t have to prep much before coming to work out because your trainer or instructor have the plan for you. Physically get yourself there, and the rest is taken care of.

Plan Ahead

Make a visual and schedule your workout plan on Sunday (or any night) for your week. Share or make this plan with someone so you are held accountable for the schedule you made. At the end of the week, look back on what worked and what did and did not get accomplished. Use the feedback from one week to make the next week more attainable. Always leave a little wiggle room as life happens and sometimes plans need to be shifted!

Home Workout

If a main reason that winter is so hard is because of the cold and the last thing you want to do before the sun is up is go outside, you can still get a good workout in. Find a fun workout you can do in the mornings in the warmth of your own home while smelling your coffee brew.


Not everyone is a morning person and not everyone has time after work with other chores and errands, so find a workout time that fits you best. Just because it works for someone else does not mean it will work for you! Try different times out and see how you feel. Working out when it feels best for you will make it so much easier to find the motivation. Remember, the time of day you prefer can differ when the season changes.

Waking Up

If waking up is the hardest part, there are some tricks that can help. Placing your alarm across the room, doing this will make you physically get out of bed to shut it off. If you’re the king or queen of snoozing, give yourself a limit, if you usually press snooze seven times try only for four one day and move from there. Find someone who’s waking up at the same time and contact each other in the morning telling each other to wake up!


Lastly, try not to get down on yourself for lacking the motivation. It happens – when it’s cold and gloomy, it becomes even more understandable. Instead of reminiscing on your lack of motivation, just look forward and plan what is next. We are only human!

It’s not easy to get your motivation back, but it is a must to hit your fitness goals. Find something that works for you and keep that going. Sometimes just a little tweak in your schedule or wake-up routine can make a world of difference. Once you get over the slump, you’ll feel like a new person with motivation to last. Spring and summer are on their way, they probably just got caught in a snow storm!

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