How do you pronounce Viaro? 

“V-R-O” just like the letters of the alphabet. 


Who is Viaro? 

Viaro is ViaroHealth, with four specialty sub-brands.

ViaroCare is a primary and family care clinic, serving all ages for the public and businesses looking for a health benefit option. ViaroCare also offers behavioral health.

ViaroTherapeutics is integrated into ViaroCare and offers alternative therapies of acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, athletic training, and chiropractic.

ViaroFit is a full-service, fully staffed wellness and fitness facility that offers group fitness, health coaching, and personal training. 

ViaroThrive is a health education team that is the foundation of all the Viaro service offerings, providing educational materials and communications that support all aspects of health care through ViaroHealth.


What does Viaro mean? 

Vi Via Viar Aro Ro (Vital, Way, Going, Together, Well) 

Viaro translates directly from Latin to “I am traveling,” but taken apart, and put back together, it means we travel the road together towards vitality, towards life, or the road towards wellness.


Who are the health care providers? 

Katie Rowan-Koenen, FNP; Molly Jacobson, PA-C, and Informatics Specialist; Anneliese Wilhelm, FNP and Women’s Health Specialist; Ben Boardman, MD Family Medicine; Elise Christensen, AGNP, Geriatric Specialist; Teresa Pulvermacher, FNP; Paul Reuteman, DPT Physical Therapist 


Who are the ViaroTherapeutics providers? 

Fusheng Lan, Acupuncturist; Patrick Isaacs, Doctor of Chiropractic; Meagan Conrad, LMT; Kim Krause, LMT; Paul Reuteman, DPT Physical Therapist 


Who can use ViaroCare? 

Anyone from infant to elder, because ViaroHealth is primary care and family medicine. ViaroHealth is open to the public for all of its services, and also offers benefits packages and insurance alternatives for individuals and for businesses of all sizes.


Do I have to have insurance? 

No, but we are in network with many health plans. We also accept Medicare and Medicaid, cash, or payment through the membership model known as Direct Primary Care. 


Where and how do I start using Viaro? 

Stop into the clinic at 230 Pine Street, La Crosse, WI any time during posted hours and the team will get you all the information you need about Viaro and our payment plans and eligibility guidelines. If you have an episodic need such as a urinary tract or sinus infection, you may access care by walking in, first come, first serve. Or call (608) 668-2103 to just make an appointment. We are accepting new patients of any age. 


How much does it cost? 

A: Viaro is completely transparent with pricing, and all prices are posted here. If you are a Direct Primary Care (DPC) member at ViaroHealth, you do not have to worry about pricing, because your care is delivered to you at one monthly cost, and you will never get an itemized bill for covered services. In some of the plans, services that are performed outside of our clinic, specifically, specialty labs and the interpretation of your x-ray by a radiologist, you will receive a bill, but you will know the cost beforehand. See “How does DPC work?” 


What kind of care does Viaro offer? 

Viaro offers primary care and family medicine in a fully integrated service model that includes behavioral health, physical therapy, nutrition, fitness and health coaching, chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, personal training in a fully staffed fitness facility, comprehensive health and wellness education. All these services are designed to work in tandem with one another, to meet your health needs completely.


Why Viaro? 

Hospitality, whole person, meet needs collectively and integrated 

Viaro is a unique health services company and primary care clinic that offers fully integrated care for businesses and individuals not provided elsewhere in our community. Viaro focuses on whole-life wellness, meeting our patients’ individual needs and include aspects such as patient agency and health literacy, affordability, high-quality care, provider accessibility, behavioral health, therapeutic services, exercise, and nutrition. 


How does DPC work? 

Direct Primary Care (also known as DPC) is a healthcare model that involves a direct relationship between you and your primary care providers. Accessible and personalized health care services are provided with a membership option that you choose that eliminates the involvement of insurance companies or third-party payers. 

In a DPC agreement, you pay a monthly or annual fee to their primary care practice. This fee covers a comprehensive range of primary care services, including your routine check-ups, preventive care, acute illness management, and many basic laboratory tests. The specific services covered vary depending on the agreement. 

The monthly or annual fee provides you with a clear understanding of your primary care costs, also called cost transparency. This published fee structure eliminates the need for copayments, deductibles, or claim submissions, simplifying the financial aspects of healthcare, and reducing much of the burden. 

Direct primary care agreements are not health insurance plans. While they cover many primary care services, it does not cover hospitalizations, surgeries, or specialist care. You may still need separate less expensive major medical health insurance to cover those aspects of your health care needs. 


What if I need more care/different level of care/referrals? 

Viaro has established relationships with the larger health care institutions that provide urgent and emergency care needs. Viaro always has an RN present on sight to assess the level of care needed, known as triage. If a referral is needed for non-urgent specialty care, Viaro will initiate and track the referral thorough the receiving system to make sure your needs are addressed.


How will my monthly payments be collected?

You will need to submit a debit/credit card or bank account information and the monthly fee will be billed the same day of the month as when your first payment was made.

Do I need other medical coverage?

It is strongly recommended that health care insurance be obtained to cover other medical expenses not covered under this agreement. The patient may need to visit the emergency room or have other urgent care needs from time to time.


Does this fulfill insurance requirements of the Affordable Care Act?

Viaro Direct Primary Care Agreement is not health insurance. In isolation it does NOT meet the insurance requirements of the Affordable Care Act.


Can I cancel my membership if the year contract is not up?

Either party may provide the other party with 60 days advance written notice prior to the expiration of the agreement to dissolve the agreement. Patient is responsible to pay the fair market value of the service actually rendered less any amount paid toward the membership during the period of time for which the fees are due.

Our Locations

ViaroHealth has locations in the La Crosse area ready to service corporate and individual care-seekers alike.

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333 Front St. N
La Crosse, WI 54601
(608) 668-2111

For more information, fill out the contact form with your details and a ViaroHealth representative will be in touch within one business day.