Our Purpose

Our core purpose is to be a catalyst for health.

We believe that when individuals, communities and businesses are healthy and well, communities thrive, businesses prosper, and the world becomes a better place.  Our model nurtures the community-based relationships and local access that patients and families deserve, while leveraging clinical expertise and best-in-class technology.

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Our Values

Our values represent our core beliefs and behaviors. They guide each of us and help us connect with individuals and businesses in our communities.  

  • We value the power of community 
  • We value results and performance 
  • We value trust 
  • We value transparency
  • We value the art of the possible

 We’re committed to an ongoing, never-ending journey to refine these values to ensure they remain true to what we believe. 

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Our Clients

We believe in elevating healthcare for everyone, every day. Because we all should Expect Better.

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Primary Care

Focused on elevating the healthcare experience through better care, better outcomes, and a better financial value.

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Why Viaro for Business

Viaro's innovative approach to Integrated Primary Care keeps your teams healthy and ready to take on any challenges that come.

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Designing personalized fitness programs around your company demands and employee needs.

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Behavioral Health

Confidentially guiding you with personalized care so you can meet every day with confidence and power.

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Not all primary care services are for everyone. Alternative health needs often require alternative solutions.

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Viaro for Your Workforce

Our goal is to provide healthcare that aligns with your organizational and employee needs.

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333 Front St. N
La Crosse, WI 54601
(608) 668-2111

For more information, fill out the contact form with your details and a ViaroHealth representative will be in touch within one business day.