How will my monthly payments be collected?

You will need to submit a debit/credit card or bank account information and the monthly fee will be billed the same day of the month as when your first payment was made.

Do I need other medical coverage?

It is strongly recommended that health care insurance be obtained to cover other medical expenses not covered under this agreement. The patient may need to visit the emergency room or have other urgent care needs from time to time.


Does this fulfill insurance requirements of the Affordable Care Act?

Viaro Direct Primary Care Agreement is not health insurance. In isolation it does NOT meet the insurance requirements of the Affordable Care Act.


Can I cancel my membership if the year contract is not up?

Either party may provide the other party with 60 days advance written notice prior to the expiration of the agreement to dissolve the agreement. Patient is responsible to pay the fair market value of the service actually rendered less any amount paid toward the membership during the period of time for which the fees are due.

The table element

Month Savings
January $100
February $80
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