Diets are Temporary

Who isn’t guilty of attempting a restrictive diet to lose a few unwanted pounds? I am here to tell you that you may have the wrong idea about losing weight. The term “diet” implies making a temporary change, and that’s not typically the goal. Assuming you do not have exceptions to this general advice, like health conditions, religious practices, or allergies, my message to you is to consider weight maintenance your lifelong goal.

Diets have many faces. Keto, low-carb, intermittent fasting, vegan, vegetarian, whole30, and the grapefruit diet are all examples that restrict some type of food, macronutrient, or feeding time. These diets require a lifestyle change that is not sustainable.

I’m not saying these diets are always unsuccessful but look at the big picture. Even though you may get immediate results, the goal is results that stay. As a certified personal trainer, I ask my clients, “After your diet is over, then what? What is your plan?” Few have an answer or a plan for after the restrictive diet. As you may see, picking a nutrition plan that has an expiration date or restricting foods you enjoy could lead to backsliding. From my experience, it almost always does.

Consider a plan of healthy eating and living that can be maintained forever. Weight loss is as simple as moving enough, with both exercise and non-exercise activity, and eating enough to result in a net deficit of calories throughout the week. Going from unhealthy and uncontrolled nutrition to a healthier version of yourself could be all you need to create that deficit.

There are lots of ways to monitor and achieve your desired results, like starting and maintaining a consistent exercise routine, going for more walks, cleaning up your nutrition, meal prepping, and improving time management–to name just a few ideas. The point is, making a change that gives you permanent results is a lifestyle change, not a temporary forced diet or extreme fast.

Bringing your goals, schedule, and barriers to a personal trainer is a great first step. A trainer helps you create a plan that fits your lifestyle. You learn ways to monitor your progress so you will always know what works, what doesn’t, and when to make changes. Do you know how many calories you need or eat a day? How much exercise is enough? Do you need to exercise to lose weight? A trainer helps you determine all of these things.

Before you start the latest diet trend or Hollywood workout plan, ask yourself, can I make this change last forever? If you are unsure, set up a consultation with a personal trainer at ViaroFit. It’s free for members. We help you build a plan for every step of the way toward your fitness and nutrition goals.

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